Quilting & Sewing Tutorials

Want to know how to use Dritz® sewing and quilting supplies? Need to see our products in action to understand exactly how they work? You’re in luck! We’ve got a full line-up of educational resources to help get you started.

Dritz® videos – see how to DIY with Dritz®! Our concise videos address common product questions in a format that is easy to follow and understand. Our video content covers a wide range of sewing and quilting tools, installation techniques for home décor items such as grommets and curtain hardware, and tips for using clothing care gadgets.    

Dritz® printable tutorials – our comprehensive tutorials are designed to tell you everything that we’re not able to fit on our product packaging! They contain detailed illustrations that show you exactly how our products should be used, and tips to ensure you’re enjoying the process while you create. Handy PDF files can be printed and kept by your side while you’re working.

Dritz® blog posts – our make something blog delivers educational information in an inspiring forum. It’s a social space in which to learn and share.

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