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See how to use the Dritz® Loop Turner for turning bias tubing, button loops, frog closures, Chinese ball buttons, purse straps and shoulder straps.

Learn how to use the Dritz® Machine Needle Inserter & Threader to hold a needle steady for easy insertion and removal from the machine. The threader end reduces eye strain and threads needles quickly. It works great with specialty threads.

See how to use the Dritz® Magnetic Pin Wand to quickly and safely pick up small metal objects at your home, office and shop work. Great for sewing needles and pins, paper clips, tacks, nails, bolts, screws and more.

See how to use the Dritz® plastic snap fastener pliers and awl to quickly and easily apply Dritz® plastic snaps in sizes 16, 20 and 24. The kit includes 1 pair of pliers, 2 shanks and 3 die trays that can be configured to use with each of the plastic snap sizes. Use the screwdriver to help change parts as needed. The kit contains extra rubber pressing heads and washers.

See how easyt it is to use the Dritz® Quick Turn tool for turning the wrong-side of fabric to the right-side in order to create bias tubing, purse straps, shoulder straps and more. 

See how to use the Dritz® Seam-Fix™ Seam Ripper to cut unwanted threads and the special tips to grab the threads and whisk them neatly away.

See how to use the Dritz® Snag Nab-It tool to repair snags in knits and wovens. Just insert the point of the Snag Nab-It into the center of the snag. Push or pull the tool completely through fabric, and gently stretch the fabric to realign fibers.

The Dritz® Speedy Stitcher® is an indispensable tool for sewing. The Stitcher can be used to sew any heavy material. It's a handy tool to have around the house, farm, camp or boat. Needles are stored inside the handle, and it sews a lock-stitch—just like a sewing machine. Use it for sewing or repairing outdoor and camping equipment, general household repairs, athletic equipment, sails and mooring covers, auto tops and upholstery.

See how to use the Dritz® Sweater comb to remove fuzz from napped, woven or knitted materials. It works on coats, blankets, sweaters or other items made from fabrics that are prone to pilling.

See how to use the Dritz® Tailor’s Chalk Sharpener to create a fine, even edge on chalk by removing rough edges and nicks.

The Dritz® Twist 'N Select® Needle Storage Tube is a unique storage tool designed to hold various sizes and types of hand sewing needles; it is a handy needle storage device for sewists, quilters and crafters alike.

The Dritz® Ultimate Pin Caddy features a U-groove allows for easy pin pick up, non-slip, rubber feet on the bottom and a hidden transparent storage box with flip-top lid. The lid slides out of top magnetic dish for easy access and nests under caddy when not in use. A triple pin slot allows pins to be slid through without removing lid, and the strong magnet aligns pins in a parallel direction on the center of the dish.

Learn how to use the Dritz® Quilting Water Mist Dispenser - fill it with water and use it in a variety of ways while quilting, sewing or crafting such as removing water soluble pen or pencil marks, removing paper when foundation piecing or spraying small areas of projects for pressing or ironing. It can also be used to keep “whiteboards” clean and for other crafts.

Create endless varieties of beautiful flowers and pompoms to embellish your projects!