Dritz® Clothing Care

What do a multi-tasking mom and an executive business traveler have in common? Both have an interest in convenience and economy when it comes to prolonging their clothing investment. For extending the life of garments and quick and easy repairs on-the-go, Dritz Clothing Care gives you options. Knit pickers, expanders, laundry aids and care tools - wow, who knew there were so many clever solutions out there!

Show your garments some love.

Ironing Accessories

  • press cloths
  • ironing items
Dritz Ironing Accessories
Dritz Silicone Iron Rest
Item #: 82697
Ironing Board Cover Plus
Item #: 82675
Vertical Steam Pad
Item #: 82674
Dritz Clothing Care Magnetic Ironing Pad
Item #: 82660
Dritz Mighty Steam Iron
Item #: 653380

Laundry Aids

  • wash bags
  • clotheslines
Dritz Laundry Aids
Dritz Clothing Care Cedar Butterflies
Item #: 82662
Dritz Clothing Care Cedar Dressforms
Item #: 82661
Dritz Clothing Care Wool Dryer Balls
Item #: 82643
Dritz Clothing Care Handy Hanger Keeper
Item #: 82655

Lint Removal

  • shavers
  • rollers
  • brushes
Dritz Lint Removal
Lint Remover Sheets
Item #: 82673
Item #: 82434
Item #: 82435
Item #: 82458
Item #: 82501