Dritz® Dressforms

Trying your hand at garment sewing? Perplexed about how to get the right fit? You need a Dritz® dressform! Dressforms come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your own body dimensions. Pin and fit or design as you go. Make adjustments that are easy to see. Working with a dressform makes it much easier to get a good fit - you don't have to twist around to do it. Dritz® dressforms each offer unique characteristics, allowing you to pick the one that's right based on your size and what you're sewing. 

Get the form - and fit - that's right for you.


Dritz Celine dressforms
Dritz Celine Dressform, size medium
Item #: FG964

Lady Valet

Dritz Lady Valet dressforms

Little Miss My Double

Dritz Little Miss My Double dressform