Dritz Celine Dressform, size medium

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Use the casters on the base of the Celine dressform to turn the form as you work - she moves with you! The locking casters hold her in place when she's in desired position or during storage.

Celine Medium Dressform Item #: FG964

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About this Product: 

The Dritz® Celine medium dressform offers many standard features for garment construction, and also has handy casters which make it easy to move the form while you are working and store the form when it's not in use.

  • Personalize the Celine dressform and make it you
  • Adjust the form to match your measurements and record them directly on the wheel tapes
  • Adjustments can be made in precise increments at bust, waist and hips
  • 12 rotating dials – wheels turn easily with one hand
  • Adjustable back waist length
  • Adjustable finial neck with pin cushion
  • Pin hem marker, for accurate and even hems
  • Sturdy star-shaped base with 5 locking casters
  • Foam-backed nylon cover for easy pinning and marking
  • Silver grey color
  • Also commonly referred to as: dress form
Quantity: 1
Size: Medium
Item Number: FG964
UPC: 072879286007
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