Dritz Espadrilles lining fabric, white with multi-color polka dots

Lining Fabric, White with Multi-Color Polka Dots Item #: 50034

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Product Details
About this Product: 
  • Dritz® Espadrilles is a collection of DIY shoemaking products for crafting easy-sew espadrilles for adults, kids and toddlers
  • The lining fabric is used on the interior of Dritz® Espadrilles
  • 100% cotton fabric provides excellent wear
  • Package makes 1 pair of espadrilles
  • Lining fabric can also be used for many other craft and sewing projects
  • Color is white with multi-color polka dots
Size: 16 in x 22 in (40.6 cm x 55.8 cm)
Item Number: 50034
UPC: 072879288957
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