Home Décor Sewing Essentials

You’ll need a few essentials if you’re embarking on a DIY home sewing project. Specialty pins and needles are a must; a variety of styles geared specifically for heavy fabrics, cushions and tufting will prevent frustration and create a professional finish. Basics like fabric glue come in handy to quickly attach decorative trim. Fray Check™ seam sealant prevents fraying on trimmed seams, corners and cord ends. 

Home décor sewing made simple.

Fabric Glues & Seam Sealant

Dritz Home Décor - Fabric Glues & Seam Sealant
Dritz® Fray Check
Item #: 44154
Dritz® Unique Stitch
Item #: 44153

Upholstery Pins & Needles

Dritz Home Décor - Upholstery Pins & Needles