Your basket of sewing supplies is not complete without a variety of fasteners. Why? Because most sewing projects require a fastener or closure to make them functional. The type of fastener you need depends on what you're making. Snaps are an easy alternative to sewing buttonholes or installing zippers; they're a perfect sewing notion for new sewists and beginner projects. Hooks and eyes are a good solution for bridal, lingerie and costumes. Use cover buttons for a variety of DIY projects - sewing, crafting and home decorating.

Fasteners add function!


Dritz Metal Parachute Buckle
Item #: 16031
Dritz Suspender/Mitten Clips
Item #: 14321-9
Dritz 1" D-Rings, Antique Brass
Item #: 16038-38
Dritz 1" D-Rings, Nickel
Item #: 16038-65
Dritz Rotating Clasp
Item #: 17005


Dritz Extra-Large Eyelet Tool Kit
Item #: 14019
Dritz Large Eyelets
Item #: 14020-38
Dritz Large Eyelets
Item #: 14020-65

Hooks & Eyes

Dritz 3/4" Swim Suit Bra Hooks, clear plastic
Item #: 11273
Dritz Bow Tie Set
Item #: 11066
Dritz Hooks & Eyes
Item #: 11714
Dritz hooks and eyes
Item #: 14005

Jean Buttons

Dritz 11/16" Jean Buttons
Item #: 11727
Dritz Double-Cap Rivet Tool Kit
Item #: 11177T
Dritz Double-Cap Rivets
Item #: 11177-65
Decorative Metal Studs, gold
Item #: 16015-35


Dritz Polypro Strapping, Grey
Item #: 11716-13
Dritz Polypro Strapping, tan
Item #: 11716-25


  • slides
  • repair
Dritz Zippers
Dritz Zipper Pull
Item #: 11249
Dritz Zipper Pull
Item #: 11290
Dritz Fix-A-Zipper™
Item #: 11289-M-38