Hand Needles & Accessories

Sewists need a variety of needles for different tasks - that's a fact. Hand sewing needles vary according to the shape of the eye, the length and point. The larger the needle size, the shorter and finer the needle. Select the type of needle based on the project you will be sewing. Choose the size of the needle based on the weight of the fabric and type of thread you will be using. Beginning sewist? Make it easy on yourself and choose a needle compact or assorted needle pack containing a variety of hand needles - done and done!

You need needles.


Dritz Household Needles
Item #: H66
Dritz Craft Needles
Item #: 158Q
Dritz Hand Needles
Item #: 11017
Dritz Homecraft Needles
Item #: H76


Dritz Embroidery Needles
Item #: H35-39
Dritz Embroidery Needles
Item #: H35-510

Needle Accessories

Dritz Soft Comfort Thimble - Medium
Item #: 11725-M
Dritz Soft Comfort Thimble-large
Item #: 11725-L
Dritz LED Needle Threader
Item #: 14351
Dritz Needle Threader
Item #: 16003
Dritz Beeswax with Holder
Item #: 16012


Dritz Sharps Needles
Item #: H1-15
Dritz Sharps Needles
Item #: H1-39
Dritz Sharps Needles
Item #: 11281


Dritz Easy Threading Needles
Item #: 16033
Dritz Milliner Needles
Item #: 11174
Dritz Cotton Darners
Item #: 11706
Dritz Yarn Darners
Item #: H15-1418
Dritz Crewel Needles
Item #: 11282


Dritz Weaving Needle
Item #: 11710
Dritz Tapestry Needles
Item #: 11703
Dritz Tapestry Needles
Item #: H8-1822