So many pins - which type do you need? Straight pins are a necessity for most sewing projects because they hold fabric pieces in place as you sew or fit. When choosing a straight pin, you'll want to consider: type of pin, length of pin, type of pin head, type of metal from which the pin is made, and the type of project for which it will be used. Ballpoint pins, satin pins and dressmaker pins are all good basic sewing options. Specialty pins like twist pins and tidy pins come in handy for a variety of household uses such as keeping slip covers or bed skirts securely in place. Give your pins a home with a pin caddy or pin cushion - there are some fun colors and styles to choose from.

You can't sew without them.

Pin Cushions

Dritz Tomato Pin Cushion
Item #: 11024
Dritz Tomato Pin Cushion
Item #: 11039
Dritz Pin Magnet
Item #: 11141
Dritz Pin Cushion
Item #: 11749

Specialty Pins

Dritz Boutonniere Pins
Item #: 11292
Dritz T-Pins
Item #: 11160
Dritz Baby-Safe Diaper Pins, white
Item #: 11172
Dritz Twist Pins
Item #: 11074
Dritz Corsage Pins
Item #: 11020

Straight Pins

Dritz Petite Pearlized Pins, gold
Item #: 11212-35
Dritz Sequin Pins
Item #: 16037