Wardrobe Essentials & Clothing Care

Did you know that undergarments like shoulder pads, bra extenders and fashion emergency tapes can be found in the Dritz sewing department? These handy fashion aids provide solutions that creative enthusiasts like to take into their own hands. Have a bra that's a bit too snug, or a top that needs some shoulder support? No need to replace them, fix them yourself with these handy DIY items. You'll also find clever items like knit pickers, and clothing extenders and expanders that let you prolong the life of garments.

Clever and useful.


Bra Extenders

Dritz SoftSeal Bra Extender
Item #: 11171-25
Soft Bra-Back Extender
Item #: 11122-25
Soft Bra-Back Extender
Item #: 11110-25
Dritz Soft Bra-Back Extender
Item #: 11110M-9
Dritz Soft Bra-Back Extender
Item #: 11108

Clothing Extenders & Expanders

Dritz Waistband Expanders
Item #: 11006M
Dritz Soft Bra-Back Extenders
Item #: 11110M-66
Dritz Waistband Expander
Item #: 11006

Fashion Emergency

Dritz Res-Q Tape
Item #: 11048
Dritz Place Me Perfectly Tape
Item #: 11002

Shoulder Pads

Dritz Featherlite Boning
Item #: 16027