Marking & Measuring Tools

You'll need these essential tools for marking and measuring your quilting fabric.

  • Quilting rulers: two sizes of Omnigrip® rulers are ideal for your beginning stash of supplies.
  • Quilter's marking kit: contains pencils for light and dark fabrics, an eraser and sharpener.
  • Measuring tools: a 120 in tape measure is a must-have; super seamer ruler comes in handy for seam allowances.
Dritz Quilt 101 Tape Measure
Item #: 28009
Dritz Quilt 101 Quilting Ruler
Item #: 28013
Dritz Quilt 101 Quilting Ruler
Item #: 28014
Dritz Quilt 101 Super Seamer Ruler
Item #: 28016
Dritz Quilt 101 Quilter's Marking Kit
Item #: 28017