Pins & Pin Cushions

Pins are a must-have for piecing your quilting fabrics together. Pin cushions give them a home!

  • Straight pins: quilter's pins are ideal for securing multiple fabric layers, while glasshead pins have the added benefit of being heat resistant. Specialty pins like flat head pins and glow head pins are pure fun.
  • Curved safety pins: you'll use these when basting quilt layers together. The curved shape scoops up flat layers much easier than fighting the traditional safety pin.
  • Pin cushions: wear one on your wrist, or keep one in your sewing basket. Either way, you need one!
Dritz Quilt 101 Quilter's Pins
Item #: 28002
Dritz Quilt 101 Glasshead Pins
Item #: 28003
Dritz Quilt 101 Wrist Pin Cushion
Item #: 28005
Dritz Quilt 101 Curved Safety Pins
Item #: 28007
Dritz Quilt 101 Curved Safety Pins
Item #: 28008
Dritz Quilt 101 Flat Head Pins
Item #: 28010
Dritz Quilt 101 Glow Head Pins
Item #: 28018
Dritz Quilt 101 Flower Pin Cushion
Item #: 28020