Quilting Hand Needles

Where would quilting be without its hand needles? They are integral to your stash of quilting supplies, and each needle has a job to do. Betweens are the most popular hand needle for quilting. Short with small round eyes, they are ideal for detailed handwork. Applique sharps are important, too; use them for applique, as well as quilt binding and fine hand stitching. Don’t forget helpful accessories such as threaders and pullers to aid tired hands and eyes.  

Successful hand quilting starts here.

Assorted Quilting Hand Needles

Dritz Assorted Quilting Hand Needles
Needle Collection
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Basting Quilting Needles

Dritz Basting Quilting Needles

Betweens Quilting Hand Needles

Dritz Betweens Quilting Hand Needles
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Item #: 3043
Item #: 3045

Curved Quilting Hand Needles

Dritz Curved Quilting Hand Needles
Dritz Quilting Curved Needles
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Miscellaneous Quilting Needles

Dritz Miscellaneous Quilting Needles
Dritz Quilting Needle Nest
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Quilting Needles Compacts

Dritz Quilting Needles Compacts

Quilting Thimbles

Dritz Quilting Thimbles
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Dritz Quilting Quilter's Thumble
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Quilting Threaders, Pullers & Beeswax

Dritz Quilting Threaders, Pullers & Beeswax
Dritz Quilting Needle Pullers
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Beeswax for Quilting Thread
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Sharp Quilting Needles

Dritz Sharp Quilting Needles
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