Pins & Pin Cushions

Pins are the "glue" that you'll use to connect your fabrics, and keep them in place while you work. You need a pin cushion to keep your pins handy!

  • Pins: pearlized, dressmaker and color ball pins are all straight pins for general sewing use. Each style comes in a reusable storage box. Safety pins are ideal for securing fabrics, too.
  • Pin cushion: use it to store your pins and needles. The "strawberry" emery is functional - use it to sharpen and clean pins and needles.
Dritz Sew 101 Pearlized Pins
Item #: 27512
Dritz Sew 101 Dressmaker Pins
Item #: 27513
Dritz Sew 101 Color Ball Pins
Item #: 27514
Dritz Sew 101 Safety Pins
Item #: 27515
Dritz Sew 101 Pin Cushion - Lime
Item #: 27520