Dritz® Sewing

At the heart of the Dritz brand, you'll find our collection of Dritz sewing supplies - it's the cornerstone on which the Dritz story was built. The tomato pin cushion logo found on Dritz sewing packages is a hallmark of quality, innovation and value. And talk about options! Sewists seek Dritz because it boasts the best selection - from essential pins and needles, to specialty tools and colorful elastics. Whether it's a vintage Dritz product discovered online, or an innovative tool that's been developed to address new trends, if it has to do with sewing, it's likely it's Dritz!

Simply put, Dritz is sewing!

Dritz Sewing Supplies


  • braided
  • fold over
  • knit
  • cord
Sewing Elastics


  • clips
  • cover buttons
  • hooks
  • rings
Sewing Fasteners

Glues, Bonding & Stabilizers

  • Liquid Stitch
  • Stitch Witchery
  • Fray Check
Sewing Glues, Bonding & Stabilizers

Hand Sewing Needles

  • embroidery
  • compacts
  • thimbles
Sewing Hand Needles

Marking & Measuring

  • chalks
  • pens
  • tape measures
  • rulers
Sewing Marking & Measuring

Sewing Tools

  • bodkins
  • seam rippers
  • point turners
  • awls
Sewing Tools