Clothing Care & Repair

DIY enthusiasts like to take clothing repair projects into their own hands, and the Dritz® clothing care and repair items provide the tools to do so. Want to extend the life of your toddler’s pants a few more months? A knee patch is the solution. Need to repair the elbow of a dress shirt? Mending tape to the rescue. Use Dritz® to extend the life of your garments.  

Easy. Economical. Smart.

Clothing Patches

Dritz Clothing Patches
Dritz Self-Stick Patches
Item #: 55285
Dritz Twill Iron-On Patches
Item #: 55283
Dritz Denim Iron-On Patches
Item #: 55282
Dritz Chalkboard Patch, 2 ct
Item #: 55281

Expanders, Extenders & Stays

Dritz Clothing Expanders, Extenders & Stays
Item #: 25557
Item #: 25559
Item #: 25560

Garment Care Tools

Dritz Garment Care Tools
Item #: 6200
Item #: 26615
Item #: 618
Item #: 646
Item #: 820

Garment Replacement & Repair

Dritz Garment Replacement & Repair

Iron-On Letters

Dritz Iron-On Letters

Reflective Clothing Repair

Dritz Reflective Clothing Repair