Glues, Bonding & Stabilizers

Whether you’re a skilled or new sewist, you’ll need a few no-sew solutions in your arsenal of sewing supplies. Crafting an easy kid’s costume? Or need to make a quick repair on the go? Popular Liquid Stitch™ fabric glues, Stitch Witchery® and Res-Q Tape™ are ideal alternatives to sewing. Items such as Wash Away™ Wonder Tape and Dritz® spray adhesive aid in the sewing process and are used for temporary holds.  

Stick with it.

Fabric Glue Kits

Dritz Sewing Glue Kits

Fabric Spray Adhesives

Dritz Spray Adhesives
Dritz Spray Adhesive
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Fabric Stabilizers & Interfacing

Dritz Fabric Stabilizers & Interfacing

Fray Check

Dritz Fray Check
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Fray Check
Item #: 674

Sewing & Fabric Glues

Dritz Fabric & Sewing Glues

Sewing Tapes

Dritz Fabric & Sewing Tapes
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Stay Tape
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