Pressing & Finishing

Pressing is a vital part of successful sewing – without it, your projects can have puckered seams and lack an expert quality. The Dritz® pressing items are integral to your collection of sewing supplies. There are items to keep your iron clean, and tools to help you manipulate seams and corners perfectly. Specialty finishing items like boning and horsehair braid are invisible – you can’t see them, but the finish is perfect because of them. 

Professional results every time.


Dritz Sewing - Finishing Supplies
Polyester Horsehair Braid
Item #: 789R-12BTY
Polyester Horsehair Braid
Item #: 789R-1BTY
Boning White
Item #: 572-9BTY
Item #: 572-1BTY
Item #: 565-9


Dritz Sewing - Pressing Supplies
Seam Roll
Item #: 561
Item #: 562
Item #: 598