Safety Pins

Safety pins are items of both fashion and utility, and that makes them one of the most versatile pins out there. Sure they fasten clothing or fabric, but have you ever thought about all the other ways they’re used? DIY jewelry. Securing a baby’s diaper. Punk rock fashion. Quilt basting. Their shape, length, material make-up and finish make them an indispensable DIY and household tool. 

Pins with purpose.

Curved Safety Pins

Dritz Sewing - Curved Safety Pins
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Item #: 7216

Specialty Safety Pins

Dritz Sewing - Specialty Safety Pins
Dritz Bulb Pins
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Item #: 62-65
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Standard Safety Pins

Dritz Sewing - Standard Safety Pins
Dritz Safety Pins, assorted 100 ct in storage box
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Item #: 72-1
Item #: 72-10-35
Item #: 72-10-65
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